Brut Deodorant Cologne 120ml

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Brut Original Cologne for Men Deodorant Body Spray is an iconic fragrance to elevate your game.

The Brut man knows who he is. He knows his essence, and he stands out from the crowd. The Brut man is confident, respectful and respected. Brut gives you the confidence to embody your essence and elevate your game.

Enjoy the powerful masculine scent of Brut in a cologne deodorant that will keep you fresh and cool all day long. The elegant fragrance blends artemisia and anise evolving on a bed of flowers and lavender. You'll breeze through the day smelling as cool and confident as if you just stepped out of the shower.

Brut is a timeless fragrance. It never lets you down. It gives you the confidence and drive you to need to be on top of your game and give it your all. The Brut cologne for men deodorant body spray has a distinctively masculine fragrance for the modern man, embody respect, ambition and confidence. A timeless, classic fragrance that takes you places.

Embrace your essence. Wear Brut to step out with confidence and know that you will ace that meeting, impress that date, and be the powerful man you want to be.

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