Clover UHT Milk Full Cream (10 x 500ml)

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Clover Long Life Low Fat Milk provides convenience to the whole family as well as individuals who want to restrict their fat intake, only containing 60% of the fat of full cream milk. The quality and goodness is kept fresh for longer due to the Long Life process (Ultra High Temperature) and special packaging that allows the product to be stored unopened for a period of 6 months without refrigeration. Clover Long Life 2% Low Fat Milk should be refrigerated and consumed within 4 days after it has been opened. Introducing the improved Clover long life milk pack. It has a larger top that automatically cuts the inner foil seal with just on twist, making it easier to open and much easier to pour. With a firmer grip and lid tamper evidence ring, all you need to do is simply open, pour and store the Clover milky way. Now that’s packaging that’s way better than before.

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