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Plastic Cake Cutter and Slicer Tool You have the freedom to slice the cake which you can only consume using this Plastic Cake Cutter and Slicer Tool. Your cake will not be a mess after as you use this slicer unlike if you use a knife. This plastic slicer is very easy to use which slices your cake perfectly. Easy to Use and to Store Made of high-quality plastic material which can be used for a very long time. Easy to clean and to store. It can easily be stored inside your kitchen drawers or be hanged in your wall hooks. You just slice what is needed. Unlike when using a knife, you tend to slice the whole cake and sometimes damage the cake. Much easier to use than using a knife or a server. Seems hard at first but as you use it, you will get it perfectly. Serves Cakes and Pies Presentably No mess as it cuts clean and smooth. It easily serves the cake as you cut them. Simply slide the cutter in the cake then lift it up as it holds the cake in between the cutter. Instant presentation for serving your favorite cake dessert. Perfect to use for any kind of cake and pies. The whole cake will not be ruined at all and will still look presentable.


Width: 0.07m
Height: 0.04m
Length: 0.28m
Weight: 0.08kg

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