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- High-quality bamboo construction is sturdy and long-lasting, the silicone handle makes this spoon fit comfortably in your hand no matter how long you have to stir. The silicone handle adds a pop of colour to any kitchen.
- Hole in handle allows for easy storage of this spoon, recommended for kitchens with minimal drawer space. As with all wooden utensils, hand washing is recommended to preserve the long-lasting beauty of the wood.
- Environment Friendly: Made with 100% natural Bamboo, these wooden cooking tools are eco friendly, sustainable and biodegradable.
- Better hand safe Wood: Wood is safer when compared to plastic and toxic metal materials, and thus makes your delicacies healthy too
- Thoughtful Gift: Wood being a non-conductor to heat, it is safe for hands and is a thoughtful gift that can be given to your mom, sister, wife and chefs.
- Ideal for Non-Stick Utensils: Non-stick pans and other nonstick utensils tend to get scratched and the Teflon coating gets spoiled. The wooden cooking tools increase the life of your non-stick cooking equipment
- Multipurpose Product: This is a versatile wooden spatula and spoon that can be used in various cooking tasks such as frying, flipping, turning, mixing, stirring, serving, etc.


Width: 0.08m
Height: 0.02m
Length: 0.24m
Weight: 0.08kg

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